Rainbow Road


The Nimbin Walking Track

We want to develop a hi-tech hippie trail, that showcases the groovy, leading edge, environmental thinking that is Nimbin. 

This project will deliver to the Northern Rivers Tourism Industry a highly marketable product, with opportunities for education and skills development.

It will build on the existing capabilities of Nimbin - already famous for its alternative culture by;

  • Linking the dynamic and innovative features of its history with village icons.
  • Providing education and information on alternative and sustainable lifestyles developments & businesses.
  • Linking cultural and ecological sensitivity with sustainability. 

It will develop a high quality product that will motivate visitors to spend at least one night in the village, - or buy one more meal or piece or art or learn something about alternative life...............

This project has the specific, measurable goal of addressing a well-identified and statistically validated issue:  the length of stay for current tourism visitors is too short.  Over 77% of  the 140,000 annual visitors to Nimbin visit for less than four hours. (Nimbin Visitor Survey 2008 - Australian Tourism Research Centre)…..if we can get visitors to stay just three more hours, and they spend $20 per person, that’s an extra $200k per year!

This project will promote our artists and thinkers…..and will give us – the people who ARE this community – the chance to tell their story the way they want to!



Download the report from the first Community Consultation at Nimbin Bowling Club Saturday 11th August 2012

Lois Kelly

Community Economic Development Practitioner - and Actioner
Mob: 0432476926